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Our Special Areas

  • Allergies
  • Anti Aging
  • Accompanying Tumour Therapy
  • Bio Resonance/ Mora-Therapy
  • Overall Diagnostics
  • Homeopathy
  • Hormones
  • Orthomolecular Medicine
  • Tumour Diagnostics
  • Tumour Prophylaxis-Check
  • Environmental Medicine

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My contribution to the representation of the Mora system over 25 years.

To the topics listed below, of books have appeared by me include over 400 pages of which the most important in the normal book format. Most are available in different languages: English, Spanish, Polish, Chinese and others. Theme fonts
  • "Atopic dermatitis & Mora"
  • "Migraine, headache & Mora"
  • "Head, body focus & Mora"
  • "Allergy, intolerance and Mora"
  • "Tinnitus & Mora"

  • "Old age dementia, Alzheimer's disease and Mora"
  • "Obesity as a result of imbalances between glycemic index, hormones & neurotransmitters"
  • "Hormone active chemicals, hormones, cancer, Mora"
  • "Degeneration cancer & Mora"
  • "Mitochondropathy as a central cause of cancer"
  • "The new system diagnosis according to Dr. Cornelissen"
  • "Stress, anxiety, depression & Mora"
  • "From the electric acupuncture to the bio-resonance therapy" (A comprehensible introduction to the workings of Mora-therapy)
  • "The differential diagnosis of the "allergy spectrum", to detect the allergy type and its specific therapy" (in preparation).

Electronic test sets
  • "System test set according to Dr. Cornelissen"
  • "Test set Mitochondropathy"
  • "Test set neuropathology"
  • "Test set degeneration and cancer"

  • "Technology and theory of System Diagnostics"
    (A detailed film of the test technique).

I have conducted seminars around the world
China, Taiwan, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Turkey, Russia, Poland, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Hungary, Germany

It is in almost all countries the new "Palm-point measurement" after Dr. Cornelissen "Ball electrode used for testing".

Early diagnosis and aftercare of tumors

In the last 40 years no significant progress has been made in the treatment of solid tumors such as colon, lung, breast and prostate, despite immense expenses. This disappointing assessment calls for a critical rethinking of the entire theoretical approach of the present tumor development.

  • Could it not be that the only fixation on the change (= mutation) of the cell nucleus (= DNA) is a mistake?
  • Could it not be that the mutation of the nucleus is not the primary & causative events of a tumor development, but a secondary phenomenon of another cause - namely Mitochondropathy?
What are mitochondria? They are falsely often referred to as "chemical power station" of the cells, because here the entire energy is produced for all processes in the body. According to recent research, damage to these mitochondria can be the primary cause of tumors by enormously stimulating cell division, resulting in errors due to the high cell division rate, which can lead to a mutation. The good news: Pathological processes in the mitochondria are widely known,  they are accessible to naturopathic therapy, so that a tumor development cannot take place at all, or that metastases can be avoided.
The diagnosis spectrum of the tumor occurrence

Preventive cancer diagnostics using Mora

The comprehensive and revolutionary spectrum of the Mora technology

Die präventive Krebs-Diagnostik mittels Mora
  • By means of Mora-Nova degenerative tendencies can already be determined - even before the formation of a manifest tumor and even quantitatively!
  • In this situation, the tumor process is still reversible.
  • It is precisely determinable how serious the tumor is.
  • It can be determined during the whole therapy whether "improvement or deterioration of the tumor event" (for example, from D4 to D12 = improvement, from D6 to D4 = deterioration) takes place.
  • Has the tumor already set metastases? For school medicine often not possible.
  • Metastases in which organ? ? For school medicine often not possible.
  • Are the lymph nodes affected? Which ones?
  • In which organ is situated  the primary tumor?
  • Anti-carcinogenic drugs can be exactly determined as well as their effectiveness.
  • Which of several medications is the most effective one for the specific patient? (3x daily 1 tablet = "Stone Age medicine!").
  • How effective is the sum of the drugs tested?
  • Is the tumor in an inactive or active phase (only then is chemo displayed!).


1989 – 1995
tenure at BICOM, 5 years as speaker

change to Mora

1995 – 2000
  1. Knowledge & practice of neutralizing not only of allergies such as previously practiced, but that Mora technology also pathogen, especially viruses can be countered

  2. Determination of the base frequency of all substances of animate and inanimate nature in kHz.

  3. Efficiency of the Mora therapy through the use of compound-specific frequency bands Calculation of frequency bands of all existing substances:
    1. inorganic substances including heavy metals and environmental toxins: 7.6 - 13.5 kHz,
    2. pathogens and pollen: 22-34 kHz,
    3. organic nature including food: 49.5 – 53.5 kHz.
    These frequency bands are incorporated program in a specific therapy, the later programme 77

  4. Development of MeBe ampoule. It will for the first time the provision possible, if the measuring point is valid, or not valid, i.e. it actually represents the corresponding organ. This avoids incorrect measurements.

  5. Programme 77. Highly efficient program for the neutralisation of body damaging substances with permanent accompanying basic therapy using channel I & II. The program is switched as deletion of the chain, i.e. all 4 steps take place with various therapy parameters.

  6. Programme 78 Highly efficient program for the incorporation of body beneficial substances (=“ dry injection") with permanent accompanying basic therapy using channel I & II. The program is switched as deletion of the chain, i.e. all 4 steps take place with various therapy parameters.

  7. Development of "System diagnosis " as hierarchical holistic Diagnostics, divided into a Body testset & Base testset that includes all relevant deficits (E.g., trace elements, vitamins, hormones) and loads (E.g. Geopathy, heavy metals, toxins).
    The goal is to find the "internal logic" of a disease, because diseases do not fall like drops of rain from the sky, they obey a fixed logic. It is important to restore the ecosystem of the people!

  8. Task of measuring points = away from the numeric or analog measurement to the digital measurement (yes/no measurement, no indicator drop, no itis and - ose-, as it is the case today in technology (telephone, television, etc.).)
    Digital measurement is, it the points are no longer measured with its associated organs, but resonances between extra corporealsubstances (ELH) and intra corporals Oszillation patterns are measured.
    Thereby no interference by Geopathy or electricity.
    A "Boggy" Mesenchyme leads to any measuring impairment!

  9. Correlation and quantification systems are the most important innovations of the Mora. It is for the first time that a variety of parameters can be precisely determined in figures(e.g. Thyroid thyroxin clean. 75µg or pH-value of all tissues, E.g. colon pH 4.5, the most hormones such as estradiol 0,50 mg deficit, testosterone in mg, etc.).

  10. Correlation Mapping a load to the exposed organ (wish not possible!). I.e. load tested amalgam the kidney or is it a tested pathogens?

2000 - 2005
  1. New measuring system Reduction of 20 measuring points to 5 points. This rapidly improves the reproducibility of the measurement values, motto: who measures much, measures a load of crap.

  2. Development of the back electrode Includes the Bladder Meridian of HWS 6/7 to LWS 4/5, combined with the output of the unit in Mora. The extinguishing efficiency is significantly higher as only about hand & foot electrodes. The reason: The Shu points of the bladder Meridian has access to all meridians, so full body access

  3. How can I chronicle loads, such as environmental toxins, differentiate from current loads? Through the preparation of organ "olfactory bulb" in organ-testset, Skeleton.

  4. Constitutional "allergens" There are only 2 constitutional allergens, namely milk and wheat, which are deeply anchored in our Mesenchyme, person & Constitution. They belong to the anti-genetic nutrition
    It is not possible that a person has a roughly equal strong intolerance to milk and wheat at the same time, because both types are diametrically opposed constitutional types, namely Arsenicum album (= wheat) & calcium carbonicum (= milk) on.

  5. Universal test program no. 8 All parameters can be with a single program determined such gain, mode A and Aquer, frequency

2006 – 2010
  1. Development of the degeneration test set, consisting of a diagnosis part and therapy part. It is the highlight of the entire Nova system!
    With this test system, it is for the first time possible to detect degenerative tendencies, before the tumor emergies.
    Because a tumor diameter of 1 mm has already 1 million cancer cells (= basically late detection). Today, tumors can only be diagnosed with a size of 2 1 / 2 mm..
    Even after surgery, the exact state of the tumor can be determined if it is a recurrence or an improvement.
    It can be determined at the first time, whether the tumor has already spread metastases and in which organs.
    Furthermore it can determined, whether and when chemotherapy is indicated, i.e. whether or not the tumor is in an active or resting phase

  2. Development of the testing set of "Dementia and depression"
    All important areas of the brain, as well as the neurotransmitters can be tested on imbalances (wish not possible!). About the Correlation test, factors, such as environmental toxins or viruses can be associated precisely to the affected area.

  3. Efficiency determination of drugs
    In addition to the compatibility or incompatibility, the efficiency of a drug can be tested, E.g. 2 liver drugs are tolerated but which one is the more effective one?
    1. MeBe ampoule in the entrance, then gradually increase the gain.
      V < 20 is not prescribed to low efficiency.
    2. by 20-30 = a good drug.
    3. by 30-45 = very good drug
    4. > = 45 excellent drug

  4. Development of the testing set of "Head & body focus"
    For the first time, it will be possible to determine each individual tooth at a single point, also what process there and whether the affected tooth has the character of a focus. Furthermore, the determination of the organ where the focus works, is possible. Is crucial but the ability to determine who is a victim, or who is the perpetrator, i.e. as the tooth on the bowel or intestines affects the tooth area, because there are no one-way streets in the body This could be tested so far not beyond reasonable doubt.

  5. Development of the testing set of "Neuro stress"
    In mental imbalance of neuro-transmitters, are almost legitimately before & while inhibitory or excitatoric.
    A re-balance of this neurotransmitter makes unnecessary in many cases the synthetic & side effect-rich drugs or allows a lower dosage.

2010 – 2013
  1. Program 99 The so far most effective program with Multimorbidity.
    The back electrode is based on the input of the Mora unit, i.e. the Shu points of the Bladder Meridian will reach all organs of the body = Entire Body Nosode.
    In addition put a drop of blood in the input. The deletion therapy is - if time available - always performed before the specific deletions with PR. 77.

  2. Limiting the therapy programs After the development of PR. 99 only 3 therapy programs are required: No. 77, 78, and 99.
    The other numerous programs are largely out of date (early 1990s), and no longer correspond to the today's findings. This strong moments of irritation on the part of the user can adjust, which can undermine confidence in the Mora-technology.

2013 – present
  1. One-point Palm measurement The previous 5 points have been reduced to 2 Palm points. This achieves a high reproducibility = stock before the science! Also, the Palm point corresponds to the "summation point veins". This is inherently significant as the arterial point, or allergy point, because the veins drain the "garbage".

  2. New advance test "The so-called spectrum of allergy"
    An enormous increase in efficiency is achieved with only 5 ampoules. Because it can be decided immediately, what form of "allergy" specifically is: true allergy, pseudo allergy, masked allergy, intolerance, biogenic amines, cross allergy.
    Only the deletion of " real allergy" shows sustained success, with the rest that has the previous colon cleansing priority, then deletion is persistent (= causal therapy).

  3. Behavior - and mood-test as well as a therapy
    Hang all the time "dark clouds" of your existence? Suffer you to "bla, bla"-feelings? Zero-Bock, absolutely interest-lacking? Or are you doing the permanent stress in the rigidity or the burn-out?
    The causes are usually an imbalance of various, testable neurotransmitter systems, which can be improved by ortho molecular substances, through gifts or mitigated.

  4. In addition to the measurement of glucose and pH values, now also the measurement of Cholesterol values at point Palm is measurable.

From 2015/2016
further development of the tumor test set.
  1. New tumor medication with proven efficacy of the complementary medicine will be presented with the evaluation of their effectivity (e.g. Salvestrole, Amanita).

  2. It can be clearly determined, which is theprimary tumor and which are the metastatic tumors.

  3. It can be tested  the specific drugs for the specific tumor and the specific patient.
    Furthermore the efficiency and prospectiveness of the drugs can be determined.

  4. It is possible the entirety of the tested drugson evt. assess mutual interferences.

  5. Prospectivity: It can be determined in advance the reduction of the tumour activity through use of the tested drugs will be and how strong.
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